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Top Stories for Wednesday, September 17th, 2014:

 Paramedics load Adam Martinez, who escaped from the Grant County Detention Center late Thursday night along with Tyler Cole, into an ambulance Tuesday afternoon after the Grant County Sheriff’s Department detained him after receiving an anonymous tip regarding his whereabouts. Paramedics and deputies took both Cole and Martinez to Gila Regional Medical Center to be medically cleared before returning to a detention center.

(Press Staff Photo by Stewart McClintic)


Daily Press Staff

Members and supporters of United Steelworkers Local 94243 met to dance and celebrate the union’s past and hope for a positive turn in the decertification election scheduled at the Chino Mine this week.

Representatives from Local 9424- 3 were present at the rally, of course, but were joined by representatives from throughout United Steelworkers District 12 — from Texas, Washington, Oregon and Southern California — and representatives from...

State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, who grew up in Silver City, returned home from her district around Los Alamos on Tuesday night for a fundraiser at the Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery.

State Sen. Howie Morales heralded Richard as “ a voice for all of us.' Rep. Rudy Martinez called her his “ partner in crime' on the state Appropriations Committee. All referred to her as a hometown girl.

“ This is what got me started on my path,' she said. “ I’m meeting with...


Daily Press Staff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department apprehended Adam Martinez around 1: 30 Tuesday afternoon and Tyler Cole shortly after.

Martinez and Cole escaped from the Grant County DetentionCenter late Thursday night, on Sept. 11, through a ceiling panel and a maintenance service door.

According to a press release, the Grant County sheriff’s office received an anonymous tip that Martinez was hiding at a residence on Mountain View Drive. The...